Jubilee's line is a line on the International Underground which runs from Mr Rails' Workshop to the Airport Station. It's coloured silver/grey on the Tube map.


Opened in 1979, the Jubilee line is the newest Underground network, with over 213 million passengers per year, it's the third busiest network on the Underground.


Jubilee's line starts from the sheds and goes to Mr Rails' Workshop. After this, it arrives at International Underground Station before continuing to Shopper's Paradise. It stops at the Hollywood Hotel and after crossing Circle's line, terminates at the Airport Station.

In real life

The Jubilee line opened in 1979 and is coloured silver/grey on the Tube map to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd after which the line was named. When it was built, it took over the Stanmore branch of the Bakerloo line. Thirteen of the 27 stations served are underground. 


External links - for information regarding the real Jubilee line

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