Snow Go is a DVD featuring 7 episodes from the first season. It was released on November 20 2006.


Hop on board for 7 fun-packed episodes from Ernie and his pals. Over 84 minutes of amazing adventures from International Underground including:


  1. Snow Go
  2. Pop Decoy
  3. Sir Clunkalot
  4. Mr Rails Never Fails
  5. Brooklyn and Rocky Two-Shoes
  6. Catnapped
  7. Caught Purple Handed

Bonus Features

  1. Mr Rails' Perfect Snowman Game
  2. Sam 7's Music Remix Game
  3. Ernie to the Rescue Game
  4. Party Memory Game
  5. Map of Brooklyn Game
  6. Missing Kittens Game
  7. What Am I? Game


  • This DVD comes with a sticker sheet.


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