Summer Breeze is a DVD featuring 7 episodes from the first season. It was released on March 26 2007.


Hop on board for 7 fun-packed episodes from Ernie and his pals. Over 84 minutes of amazing adventures from International Underground including:


  1. Summer Breeze
  2. Cover Story
  3. Ernie's Big Trip
  4. Millie's Dream Day
  5. Finders Keepers
  6. Mr Movie Jones
  7. The Magician's Assistant

Bonus Features

  1. Windy Words Game
  2. Tunnel Times Game
  3. Ernie's Suitcase Game
  4. Follow Me Game
  5. Golden Ticket Game
  6. Undercover Jones Game
  7. Magician's Rabbit Game


  • This was the last DVD to include bonus features.
  • ASDA included an exclusive Underground Ernie height chart with this DVD.



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